ABA Home/Centre Based Programs

Hula hoopsAll of our ABA programs are built around B.F. Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behaviour and incorporate Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT).  Our teaching methods draw on each child’s interests to build motivation and create a fun learning environment.

All our programs are designed specifically to meet your child’s needs and in collaboration with parents/caregivers to ensure familial goals and values are adhered to.

Our Home Based Program offers: 

  1. Assessment to determine current skill level across the following domains:
    • Functional language and communication skills
    • Attending and “learning to learn” skills
    • Social and play skills
    • Independent life skills (e.g., eating, dressing, toileting)
  2. A completed chart demonstrating your child’s current level
  3. An Individualized Education/Learning Plan (IEP/ILP) outlining program goals
  4. Program Supervisor and behaviour interventionists delivering at least fifteen hours ABA  per week
  5. Parent and team training in theory and in practice
  6. Ongoing supervision to all staff in the form of monthly overlaps with our behaviour analyst or senior therapist
  7. Monthly progress reports and graphs
  8. Monthly team meetings to review your child’s progress including program updates and graphs

Our Centre Based Program offers the same as above with a few added benefits:

  1. Centre sessions are run exclusively by Happy Oak ABA therapists
  2. Our Clinical Director/behaviour analyst is often on site making her readily available to pop into sessions in addition to her scheduled overlaps
  3. Program materials and resources are readily available
  4. Opportunity for interaction with other children receiving sessions at the same time

Several of our families choose a combination of home based and centre based programs allowing for both the family to be more involved and the learner to generalise skills across environments.

Happy Oak Behavioural Consulting in based in Malvern, Inner East Melbourne.

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