School Support/Consultation

Elementary Pupils And Teacher Eating LunchWe believe every child has the right to attend mainstream schools and access the same opportunities as their peers.  We  provide your child with support during their transition to kinder and work rigorously to ensure that their transition into a school setting is of an inclusionary nature.

At Happy Oak we:

  1. Work collaboratively with your child’s school and teaching staff to build appropriate goals and offer ABA  and PBS strategies to ensure successful inclusion
  2. Work collaboratively with your child’s teachers to adapt to your child’s learning needs (e.g, motivation, visual supports, reinforcement)
  3. Attend all PSG meetings
  4. Build behaviour management programs that work within a classroom setting
  5. Build friendship development programs and assist teachers and aides on implementation
  6. Provide a Happy Oak therapist for extra support if your child doesn’t qualify for an integration aide

For more information regarding school support please contact our Clinical Director at or ring the centre at 03 9509 6504.

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