How Behaviour Works – The WH Questions of Behaviour

This workshop is suitable for parents and family members who are just starting an ABA program, parents who are already running an ABA program, or  parents who would  just like more information on how behaviour works and why behaviour happens.

This is an introductory workshop on the functions of behaviour. The aim of this presentation is to give parents and family members an overview of how and why behaviour occurs, what causes behaviour and what increases, decreases, and maintains behaviour.

An Introduction to ABA for Teachers (presentation or workshop model)

This presentation is suitable for resource teachers, teachers, integration aides, school counselors, and any paraprofessionals working in a school environment supporting learners with challenging behaviours and/or learners who require additional support.

The aim of this presentation is to give professionals and support staff an overview of how and why behaviour occurs, specifically what causes behaviour and what maintains behaviour.  We will also touch on why some behaviours increase while others decrease.  Following the functions of behaviour, specific strategies for classroom management are discussed. Depending on the nature of this presentation (i.e. presentation vs. workshop) there may be opportunity to develop strategies specific to participants’ classrooms.

For private groups the presentation can be tailored to include the groups’ interest and areas of focus.

More intimate training workshops tailored to your child’s programs are developed and delivered ad hoc.

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